Thank you for completing this application.  Please note:  We will keep your application on file for one year.  If we have a Bloodhound that we feel will suit your needs we will contact you.  You may also contact us if you see a Bloodhound you are interested in.  In the mean time please note some additional information below:

Bloodhounds and Children:


In most cases we do not adopt Bloodhounds to families with babies or small children.  This would include children under the age of 8.  We don't always know how some of our Bloodhounds get along with children.  This is for the safety of your family.  From time to time we do have a Bloodhound we know gets along with children that we feel confident in placing with a family with children.



Adoption Process and Fees:


All adoptive homes are required to go through an adoption process including a home visit. Our usual fee for adoption is $400.  This includes the Bloodhound being spayed/neutered, heartworm tested, microchipped and all vaccinations up-to-date as well as provided with any other vet care needed prior to adoption.



Application Follow-Up:


One of our volunteers will contact you to follow-up on your application.  We have many applications and only a few volunteers to process them, so it can sometimes take a while.



We take all steps necessary to ensure our Bloodhounds are perfectly matched to their new families.  This can often take some time but is always certainly worth it.  We appreciate your patience.  Thanks for your support!



Completing this application does not put the applicant or the rescue group under any obligation.  All information is kept strictly confidential.



Application MUST be completed in full.  Only those applications completed in FULL will be processed.



Please contact your veterinarian to give them permission to speak with us upon completion of this application.